Do You Own a Nonprofit in Allentown, PA?

Complete your independent audit with JFT Group

If you own a nonprofit in the Allentown, Pennsylvania area, you know how important independent audits are. JFT Group offers nonprofit financial services for clients nationwide. We'll take care of your independent audit to look over your business transactions and keep your organization running smoothly.

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Audits are mandatory for nonprofits

Audits are mandatory for nonprofits

Nonprofit organizations must complete an independent audit every year. A Certified Public Accountant (CPA) needs to sign off on this audit to verify it.

As part of our nonprofit financial services, JFT Group will...

  • Analyze your transactions, expenses and accounts.
  • Create a report for the independent audit.
  • Sign off to verify the audit was completed.

Keeping up with your audits gives donors confidence in your operations. Book an appointment for online nonprofit financial services today.